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Introducing Latest Technology –
Flat Top Dots

Digital Process is proud to offer a revolutionary new plate technology for flexible packaging. An inherently flat top flexo plate combined with a special, textured surface that eliminates the need for surface screening. Flexible packaging printers can now print smooth, homogenous solids, uniform vignettes and soft fade-outs with low dot gain.

Welcome to Digital Process

Digital Process Pvt. Ltd provides digitally-produced flexo printing plates and is a distributor for flexo consumables such as UV inks, anilox cylinders, double sided mounting tapes, flying splicing tapes, anilox and plates cleaning chemicals, printing sleeves and rotary flexible dies.

Our business areas also includes producing laser dies, coating plates, embossing blocks and hot foil stamping blocks for offset printers.

Digital Process is also the official distributor for Mark Andy in Pakistan.

We are primarily sales partners with flexo printing houses, but our customers also include brand owners, advertising agencies and design producers.

The majority of our customers are based in Pakistan. However, modern technology makes it easy to export to distant locations, and a growing number of our assignments are sent directly to other markets.

We are well-known and visible in the industry and understand our customers' need for high quality products, professional advice and timely deliveries. We always use cutting edge technologies and have a large network of highly competent professionals.